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Arkin has asked AVOP to develop and implement, in close collaboration with Arkin, a leadership- and organizational development program.

The question posed was as follows;

as Arkin leaders and managers, how do we manage our employees in such a way that we give them room for professional and personal development (in a pleasant working climate), while at the same time adequately handling the (experienced)  dynamics with quality requirements, finances and external pressure ?

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NTT's question to AVOP, set against the background that is mentioned above:

  • How can we create an environment within NTT in which employees feel safe, respected and valued.
  • How can we support managers in creating a safe environment in which all employees feel comfortable.
  • Which tangible tools can we offer managers to empower them to implement this on a day-to-day basis.

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Airbus Defence & Space


Offering managers insight into their intrinsic motivation (and how it relates to managing); Offering managers awareness into where they presently are, related to the leadership profile (and which consequences they see in line with these);
Structuring the development of managers and facilitating the shaping in the direction of the management profile.

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University of Amsterdam


The Carrousel is AVOP’s training in personal effectiveness, which, with its quality, sustainability and personal approach, has been a regular product in our line of services for many years. This training epitomises the essence of AVOP and shows the added value we offer to the individual and his/her organisation.

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Kwintes’ question for AVOP, set against the backdrop above:
Help potential candidates, in a non-binding way and at their own initiative, to obtain a proper outlook on their drivers and ambitions, in light of their next career step. And, when they desire this, set against the profile of the new manager.

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WZU Veluwe


Foundation Protestant-Christian Residential Care union Veluwe (WZU Veluwe) offers care and support to the elderly, both in their own house, and to those living in residential care or in sheltered accommodation. The location of WZU Veluwe is the Veluwe.

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