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Ardine Verhoog, Adviseur

Work Conferences

Organisational development

Do you want to (re)consider the current situation with the management team or a department and give meaning to internal and external developments? AVOP can be of assistance in organising and facilitating a work conference. We connect the personal responsibility, wishes and possibilities of individual employees with the necessary organisational development.

Exploratory conversation?

What does it bring?

During the work conference, participants obtain insight in a collective fashion, for instance about work processes, partnerships and what the organisation offers. These insights will subsequently be translated into everyday practice. The result is, i.a. new effectiveness, improved collaboration and optimisation of work processes.

Examples of beneficial output:

  • Optimisation of work processes
  • Newfound collaborations and structures for deliberation  
  • Choices in terms of rejecting or focusing on certain products and services
  • Improved relations
  • Shared insights and solidly supported decisions

Why Avop?

What Avop can do for your organisation

We acknowledge that paving the way towards new effectiveness is a combination of organisational development and people’s input. Our approach is pragmatic – concrete results have to be realised – and we challenge the participants of the conference to view matters that are seen as obvious, differently, not just pertaining to the everyday practice, but also in the future perspective.

  • Critical and involved
  • Business- and people-oriented
  • Concrete results
  • Experience in organisational – and personal development
  • Not free from committal, but challenging
  • Connecting and personal

Interested? Call (020) 615 54 56 or mail to info@avop.nl

How do we work?

The organisation’s interests and urgency will determine the tempo for creating a work conference. We determine the function and yield that the work conference is required to produce, in collaboration with you. Subsequently, we facilitate the day(s) through appropriate interventions, but the outcome will be brought forth by your organisation. This creates solidly supported solutions, and a sense of motivation and involvement in terms of result, for all concerned.

  • Acquiring insight into the context and history
  • Creating ownership in the run-up to the work conference
  • Determining a work method which is congruent in relation to the goal that is to be achieved
  • Collectively using the possibilities within the organisation
  • Determining the responsibility and role