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Myriam Gijsbers, Senior Organisatieadviseur

Team Coaching

Organisational development

The goal of team coaching is to increase both the personal and the managerial effectiveness, and simultaneously allow the team to collaborate in a more productive manner. Focal point is the acquiring of a different attitude and different behaviour within the organisation. AVOP offers and intensive ‘in company’-training to this end, in which participants, managers, for example an MT learn with and from each other.

Exploratory conversation? Our coaches

What does it bring?

Organisations in which AVOP has conducted this in company-training, have shown improved quality in mutual relations and a most positive effective on group diversity. The collaboration, directing style and way of communicating are determinative for the work climate within the organisation.
That is why, oftentimes, this training is part of a larger process of development. Organisations change, when influential teams change.

  • Participants find each other to a greater extent, through a high degree of trust and familiarity
  • Result is direct, positive and open communication
  • Self-regulating effects in the group
  • Room for group diversity grows
  • Personal effectiveness of individual participants notably increases
  • The effects of the coaching are lasting

Why Avop?

What Avop can do for your organisation

AVOP wants to excel and this translates into involvement, craftsmanship and personal style, but also in curiosity for people and their professional life.
We perform our profession with drive, while always producing tangible results for you is our leading premise.

  • Professional and direct, but also mild and putting matters into perspective
  • Experienced coaches with a personal style and involved approach
  • The coaches operate from several different angles, i.a. organisational science, group dynamic, personal effectiveness and communication
  • Option to pair this with individual coaching

Interested? Call (020) 615 54 56 or mail to info@avop.nl

How do we work?

We plot all team aspects individual learning objectives, group objectives, power configurations and mutual relations, the organisation’s vision and the climate that is desired. In this context learning from and of each other are the focal point. Leadership themes, self-direction, dealing with resistance, introspection and connection will also be dealt with. In short: it is a process of becoming aware, both for the group and the individual.

  • Specific and from the perspective of the organisation
  • Learning from and with each other is the focal point
  • Participant personally shape the process
  • Individual and group themes and the correlations will become tangible and participants are challenged.