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Myriam Gijsbers, Senior Organisatieadviseur


Individual assessment

In addition to regular assessments, AVOP offers a wide variety of possibilities for e-assessments. This is an online tool that may be applied for all your requests pertaining to selection, development, mobility and career planning. Additionally, you can request scans related to specific themes, such as sustainable employability, self-organisation and ‘360 degrees’- feedback. Naturally, we can also develop a custom-made e-assessment from the starting point of your issue and organisation. Here is an example of a custom-made work project

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What does it bring?

A selection e-assessment indicates the suitability of a candidate in terms of intellectual capacity, personality, drivers and competences.

A development e-assessment also provides an image of the talents and qualities of an employee through a strength-weakness analysis focused on competence development.

A career e-assessment provides participants with an insight into their personality, drivers, interests and developed competences, challenges in terms of self-reflection and gives direction and concrete career advice.


  • Professional support in selection-, development and career issues, both for HR and line management
  • Speeding up and objectification of selection procedures
  • Insight into talent and potential of employees and their possibilities for development
  • Concrete career advice for participant and organisation
  • Helps you save time and is cost efficient
  • Report is available immediately after finalizing

Why Avop?

What Avop can do for your organisation

AVOP offers qualitative high-end e-tools, such as e-assessments, and additionally presents the possibility for developing custom made products. We also extend advice with our expertise in integrating these online tools in the current HR-procedures. Thus, the tools will actively contribute to the most recent developments within the organisation and the role that HR may fulfil. Online tools offer HR the possibility to effectively and efficiently strengthen the professional advice for management.

  • The tests have been observed by COTAN as valid and reliable
  • User friendly toolbox (easy to manage for administrator)
  • Experienced assessment consultants for specific issues
  • Available 24/7
  • No licensing costs
  • Online test usage will be billed monthly, after actual use of tests has been determined
  • Short training custom-made certification for users
  • Opportunity for made-to-measure, in programme, reporting and look & feel

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How do we work?

Preparation phase:

Based on taking stock of your specific needs as our client, we investigate whether our current e-tooling portfolio is sufficiently aligned with you. Sometimes developing a custom-made e- assessment, preferably in collaboration, is more suitable. We follow these phases:

  • Taking stock of the issue at hand
  • Developing made-to-measure if desired
  • Certification training users

Operational phase:      

  • Selecting a programme through a personal online toolkit or through AVOP
  • Participant receives a digital invitation with access-code to enter the e-assessment (independent of time and place)
  • After finalizing the e-assessment programme, the report is readily available, since this is generated by an expert system