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Anneke van Til, Partner


Organisational development

Teams in transit to independence, should carefully shape this process. AVOP can be of support in the process towards self-direction. The basis is a combination of objective team diagnosis and facilitating conversations about the degree of autonomy within the team. In this process, team members are personally in charge, they determine the content, and they make concrete agreements about team development.

Exploratory conversation?

What does it bring?

AVOP guidance in case of self-direction offers teams insights into the degree of independence in several different realms of responsibility. Based on these insights, the teams themselves can determine where their priorities lie, appropriate to the objectives of the organisation. This increases the solidarity of team members, in order to come to good results.

Significant increase of team autonomy through:

  • Result-oriented working
  • Making concrete agreements
  • Taking responsibility
  • Improved collaboration
  • Outlook on personal contribution to team results

Why Avop?

What Avop can do for your organisation

AVOP consciously opts for an approach in which the teams can operate independently. The results of the analysis lead to low-threshold points for improvement the team members can identify with and which are in line with the goals of the team and/or the organisation. In addition, the results can be processed anonymously in management reports.

  • Can be implemented by the team
  • In line with the team goals
  • Suitable for frequent use
  • Overarching management report
  • Input of expertise and guidance from the side-lines

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How do we work?

After an extensive intake about the initial question of the organisation, we determine which instrument for diagnosis (e.g. a questionnaire) would be most appropriate, and which process steps are in line with the situation. Thereafter, the team can implement the instrument (if need be, with guidance). After the results have been analysed, we collaborate with the team in a conversation about the degree of independence, based on the process steps.

  • Teams learn how to shape and execute the process towards more autonomy
  • Substantiated choice for a diagnostic instrument
  • AVOP offers custom-made guidance at team level
  • The process takes place within the context and goal of the organisation