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Philippine de Wit, Senior Organisatieadviseur

MD / Leadership Development

Organisational development

People themselves are key in determining their own ability to develop, and the organisation’s success. This made-to-measure training teaches managers how to take responsibility for their (part of the) organisation. In order to do this, they take a close look at their own competences and personal effectiveness and strengthen these.

Exploratory conversation?

What does it bring?

Managers will acquire an insight into the impact of their own actions, with the organisation’s goals in mind. In doing so, they will learn to take ownership from their tasks and roles. Moreover, they survey their qualities and points for development. From this self-awareness, they discover the most effective way of creating organisational development.

  • Developing the organisation ‘translated’ into its significance in terms of own actions
  • Collaboration between different departments
  • Ownership
  • Clarity in terms of own roles and responsibilities
  • Outlook on own strengths and points for development, and how to deal with these
  • Being able to effectively create organisational development

Why Avop?

What Avop can do for your organisation

We know that change is never easy, and reality can be tough. We have the capacity to find a modus operandi that is congruent with the goals that are to be achieved, which suits the organisation and also strengthens it. With the smallest possible use of external consultants and as much as is needed. We make this into a reality every day.

  • Experienced trainers with different backgrounds
  • True co-makership
  • Pragmatic, realistic, agile and result-oriented
  • Vast internal and external network
  • Expertise in the realm of assessments, coaching and organisational development
  • Ample ‘best practice’ experience

Interested? Call (020) 615 54 56 or mail to info@avop.nl

How do we work?

Our work method is focused on fully optimizing and applying the expertise your organisation currently has ‘on board’. One aspect of this programme is the execution of actual projects that are essential to the organisation. As such, we are able to hold up a practical and relevant mirror to participants.

The leadership development programme will be custom-made. The essence, however, always remains:

  • Personal development: insight and reflection, effectiveness in actions, congruence and authenticity and meaning
  • Organisational themes: vision and strategy, building ‘the aim’ of the organisation, dealing with shortages et cetera.