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Certification and quality

We are proud to announce that we are the FIRST organisation in The Netherlands that has been certified with success every two years since 2008.

 In addition, AVOP-employees are Noloc-certified. Noloc is the professional association of career professionals. Through testing and a professional registration system, Noloc provides more reliability and professionalism. For more information about Noloc, click the logo.

All psychologists who work with AVOP, are affiliated with the Dutch Institute of Psychologists (NIP) Labour & Organisation. As such, AVOP secures the quality and independence of the psychologists. Click here for more information about conditions that NIP has determined.

All our consultants are certified as e-coach and as such they meet the international standards that are applicable. They also have an insight into the specific issues that are linked with this particular form of coaching. For more information about the e-coaching register, click the logo

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