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Anneke van Til, Partner

Learning Center

Individual development

The Learning Center is a short, ‘high impact’ development method to further strengthen your effectiveness as a manager or professional. Related to the specific request, the focus will be more on either leadership development or on developing personal leadership. In a personal, intensive and tailor-made development program, the Learning Center provides you insights and skills in a short amount of time. The Learning Center consists of a combination of personal coaching, assessment and training. You develop your insights, your way of thinking (‘mindset’), your skills (‘skillset’) and behaviour in practice (‘behavioural set’).  


       roleplays/simulations, will help you learn optimally.

Exploratory conversation?

What does it bring?

The Learning Center offers you the opportunity to experience a personal development process. Key aspects of this process are:

  • Learning in an intensive focused and personal manner  Over a short time span, you will be able to give your development a ‘boost’. Other than most other trainings in a group setting, this individual program provides the platform to fully invest in your own development goals. You are able to address your own personal themes and questions directly.
  • Seeing things differently and changing your way of thinking will help you act differently You will not only be able to develop your skills (‘skillset’) but also your way of thinking (‘mindset’) and actions (‘behavioral set’). By combining individual coaching, assessment, and training you will be given focused personal feedback and you will develop new insights and perspectives, enabling new skills and behaviour in daily situations (‘transformational learning’).
  • Your own themes are the focal point, no standard program Guided by one of our coaches, you will shape your own learning process through practice focused experiential learning. This coach offers you coaching, feedback, and will present you an ‘à la carte menu’, adjusted to your specific goals and development needs. By doing so, you will focus on themes that are personally relevant to you. You do not follow a standard program. Rather, the program follows you. You will be given focused personal advice for your development and tailor-made compact digital tools. You will acquire tried-and-tested basic knowledge of leadership, organisational psychology and communication.
  • Diverse, effective learning The combination of practical experience, reflecting with a coach, feedback and tips for development, exploration and clarifying with the aid of general principles and guidelines (theory) and directly applying these in various

Why Avop?

What Avop can do for your organisation


At the Learning Center you will spend one day focusing on yourself with a coach. During the day you will take a step back to get an overview of questions and goals in your current work situation and acquire new insights and skills. By doing so, you will increase your personal effectiveness. Prior to the program, you will fill out several questionnaires. During the actual day you will reflect on your career and development issues, in which questions will be discussed such as: Where do you currently stand and where do you come from? Where do you want to go? What is necessary for you in order to go there? Which skills do you already possess and which skills would you like to develop further? Subsequently, you will instantly start acquiring new insights and skills. You will prepare short practical simulations, execute these, and receive feedback. Concrete tips and guidelines will be provided that can help you increase your insights and you will be able to apply those instantly.

The day will be finalized with a summary of the ‘harvest’ of your new insights and approaches. You explore how you can apply those in new situations in your daily practice and make concrete resolutions for this. In the Learning Center, you will be given an overview of, and insight into your goals, priorities, and issues you are dealing with. You will develop alternative approaches in order to handle difficult situations effectively. You will discover how you are able to allow your specific talents to fully come to realisation. You will leave the Learning Center with concrete tips, insights and tools for issues such as communicating, influencing, managing, collaborating, handling conflicts and change management. Digital access will be available to view those. Within a few weeks after the Learning Center, one or more individual coaching conversations will take place in order to further explore and perpetuate specific skills, and for guidance in case of ‘tough issues’ (optional).

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How do we work?

In the Learning Center you will acquire exactly those insights and skills you currently need, in a short period of time. Based on your own experience, you will move through different phases of effective learning. These phases are aligned with the Kolb Learning Cycle, in which different forms of learning are presented that lead to an optimal learning result: concrete experiencing, reflecting, discovering general principles (abstracting) and trying.

The ingredients of the Learning Center are:

• Self-insight & awareness – You start with the question who you are and where you currently stand. Subsequently, you will explore where you come from and from there you will decide where you want to go. Finally, you will find out what you need in order to reach the goal and you refine your development goals. A personal assessment will offer you insight into your personal strengths and development potential in order to further strengthen your agility and ability to achieve your goals.

• Concrete experience – By participating in practical simulations (roleplays), you will find out how you deal with various situations and what the impact of your behaviour is on others.

• Reflecting – You will receive feedback, reflect on experiences and issues you are dealing with, and you will distil ‘best practices’.

• Abstracting and forming theory – You will be provided with concrete tips and tools to be able to understand problems on a higher level, place them in a broader framework, and handle them effectively.

• Trying – You practice using new approaches to deal with situations effectively.

• Experiencing – You prepare to apply new insights and skills in practice.