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Ardine Verhoog, Adviseur

Rijnland’s assessment

Individual assessment

The Rijnland assessment is an assessment form in which the personal responsibility of the candidate is paired with the organisation’s needs. The assessment consists of two modules. In the first module, the motivation and personality of the candidate are the focal point. In the second module, these will be connected to the expectations of the organisation.

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What does it bring?

The Rijnland assessment results in a match between the organisation and the employee. As such, the employee will come into the place in which she or he will come to fruition, allowing the organisation to not only appoint qualified, but also intrinsically driven employees.

  • Employees consciously opt for a career step
  • Developing self-selecting power
  • An assessment form suited to the principle of self-direction
  • The right person in the right place
  • Sustainable employability of employees
  • Acceptance and support during reorganisations

Why Avop?

What Avop can do for your organisation

Through critical (career) coaching, AVOP challenges the employee to ponder upon the selection procedure related to personal motivation, capacities, strengths and weakness. By detaching the awareness process from the selection, employees are able to be frank in coming to reflections, thus creating depth. At a later stage, we match the personal profile with the foundations of the organisation. This results in an independent and objective advice.

  • Innovative assessment form, suited to this day and age of increased responsibility, personal direction and employee ownership
  • Thorough diagnosis of the organisation
  • Experienced consultants with a background in both psychology and business science
  • Combination of (career) coaching and assessment
  • Professional, based on tried-and-tested methods and Cotan-certified personality tests
  • Personal account manager and dedicated client team
  • Cedeo-certified

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How do we work?

The Rijnland assessment works with two modules. The first focuses on the employee and is confidential in nature. In the second module, a connection will be established between the capacities, personality and motivators of the employee and the demands of the organisation. The modules combined result in an integrated assessment report. In developing and execution we prefer to work in co-production.

  • Co-production with the client
  • Modular in structure
  • ‘In house’ possibilities
  • In line with projects of organisational development, for instance during reorganisation
  • Assessment form is congruent with assuming more responsibility and ownership
  • Results of the awareness module are confidential
  • Integrated custom-made assessment report