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Anneke van Til, Partner

Trajectories for Organisational Development

Organisational development

Are you looking for new effectiveness in and of the organisation? In that case, AVOP can develop a trajectory with you. In some situations the way is developing people. In another, the change begins with intervening in the organisation. But effective organisational development always relates to both. In line with this service, you can also bring us in for leadership development and management development or a work conference.

Exploratory conversation?

What does it bring?

The results of organisational development are, by definition, both visible at the organisational level, and in the development of the people involved. The nature of the payoff may vary. Shown opposite are some examples. In development, we are guided by the vision and strategy of your organisation. And naturally we continuously provide findings and results in feedback. As such we are also a critical sparring partner.

Your goal determines the result, for instance

  • Development to self-organisation
  • More effective collaboration of different departments
  • Insight into the potential of employees
  • Lower absence rate
  • Reduction of mistakes
  • More coherence and transparency

Why Avop?

What Avop can do for your organisation

We know that change is not easy, and reality is tough. That is why we work with a method that ensures a congruent approach, in line with the objectives, which befits and fortifies the organisation. Through deploying as few consultants as possible, but also being ready if external assistance is required.

  • Experienced consultants and a work method that is suited
  • True co-makership
  • Involved, connecting and pragmatic
  • Goal-oriented, but not with a rigid linear approach
  • Goal and approach are congruent
  • We are facilitating, stimulating, nurturing and critical, but never take things over
  • Introducing expertise through, for instance, assessmentscoaching  and training

Interested? Call (020) 615 54 56 or mail to info@avop.nl

How do we work?

In collaboration with you we make a plan. In it, we make concrete agreements about the first phase and – in broad terms – about the next phases. The insights that are acquired during the initial phase and the other (external) developments are pivotal for the work method in the next phase.

  • Gradual, in order to connect with the actuality and stay at the helm
  • Execution that strikes a balance between the ‘human measure’ and the necessary speed
  • Work method is in line with the objective ('the medium is the message')
  • Puts people in their own personal role and strengthens responsibility