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Ardine Verhoog, Adviseur

Competence profiling

Organisational assessment

Would you like to appraise your employees differently than solely based on results in the yearly performance review? Do you have a job classification system, scales and valuations, but are you not fully equipped to measure the performance of your employees? Or would you like to integrate all your HRM-processes and make sure that everyone speaks the same language? AVOP competence profiling offers the answer, in professionalising your HRM-strategy.

Exploratory conversation?

What does it bring?

Competences are the building blocks of a solid and integrated HRM-strategy. AVOP helps you develop a competence model that can be the stepping stone for a host of HRM-processes. Think recruiting new colleagues, or developing and appraising employees. The model can be applied to acquire an insight into the existing and the desired culture.

  • Competence model with building blocks to professionalise HRM-processes
  • Grip for performance review conversations
  • Structuring of job-descriptions
  • Clarifying and improving the communication between manager and employee

Why Avop?

What Avop can do for your organisation

AVOP has been supporting managers, HRM-professionals and policy-makers for years, in order to help them obtain more insight into the organisation. It is our philosophy that competences are the building blocks of a clear and unified policy in the organisation. Competences form a language, as it were, with which people within all divisions in the organisation can communicate with each other. They are also applicable in almost any HRM-process.

  • Coproduction with your organisation
  • Vast experience with competence modelling, with attention to people and organisation
  • Experience in different markets and segments
  • Custom-made competences, with value for your organisation

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How do we work?

Creating a competence-handbook requires thorough preparation. Primarily, we look at the current documentation, to identify whether a direction has been established into which we may move further. Subsequently, AVOP-consultants organise workshops in which managers are enabled to look at the competences per position and discuss these in order to come to a consensus about a competence model, which will consequently be conceived with broad support.

  • Intake to determine goals
  • Creating initial competences
  • Organising competence-workshops
  • Refining and operationalising competence-profiles
  • Feedback in the form of a comprehensive competence-handbook
  • Structuring and integrating in HRM-processes