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Philippine de Wit, Senior Organisatieadviseur

Selection Assessment

Individual assessment

In a selection assessment, we realise a match between person and position. You will receive objective advice about the suitability of a (potential) employee based on tests, interviews and roleplays. Do you also want to know what the possibilities for development of an employee are? If so, you can pair the selection assessment with the development assessment. We are an avid advocate of these.

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What does it bring?

End result is a custom-made work report which you will receive within 5 days after the assessment. The report contains a clear statement in terms of the suitability and qualities of a certain candidate, with clear descriptions for a maximum of 7 competences. Additionally, we give you an impression of underlying mechanisms, based on concrete behaviour and psychological ‘underlayment’. This offers an outlook on the developability.

  • Clear and concrete suitability statement with advice for development (in combination of selection- and development assessment)
  • Description of general image of 7 competences and conclusion & advice
  • Insight into concrete behaviour and underlying psychological mechanisms
  • Presented in a custom-made work report

Why Avop?

What Avop can do for your organisation

We offer a visible contribution to the development of organisations and employees. The client’s wishes are at the basis of what we do. With every assessment type, we seek personal contact for proper taking stock. Furthermore, we work with tried-and-tested methods. Our consultants are experienced NIP-registered psychologists (Labour and Organisational psychology) and career coaches. And your personal contacts within our organisation will be appointed to you.

• Personal and result-oriented
• Co-makership in organisational development
• Working from the knowledge of your organisation
• Professional, based on proven methods and Cotan certified personality test
• Every assessment is made-to-measure
• Experienced and NIP-registered consultants
• Personal account-manager and dedicated client team

Interested? Call (020) 615 54 56 or mail to info@avop.nl

How do we work?

During the intake, we quickly but precisely determine your objectives and we explore the context and content of the position/role. Subsequently, we arrange the organisation of the assessment and we develop a custom-made assessment programme. The participant receives the personality tests digitally and will be present at our office location for one day. With the aid of personality- and capacity tests, a roleplay and an interview, we form an image. The participant receives the results immediately. If desired, you will also receive the advice immediately at the end of the day.

  • Focused intake with you as our client
  • Developing custom-made assessment programme
  • Inviting the participant by AVOP
  • Personality tests conducted digitally beforehand
  • Programme: capacity – and additional tests, simulation(s)/roleplay(s) and competence focused interview
  • Interpretation and feedback by an experienced assessment consultant
  • If desired, the advice can be made available to the client the same day
  • Custom-made report available within 5 business days