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Ardine Verhoog, Adviseur

Executive coaching

Individual development

The top tier is subject to less contradiction and critique. Simultaneously, the impact of the own actions is increasing. The complexity of the issues and the power configurations increase also. The one who fulfils an end responsible position, oftentimes lacks the opportunity to be confidential and frank in terms of addressing personal doubts and dilemmas. With these people in mind, executive coaching was created.

Exploratory conversation? Our coaches

What does it bring?

The specific goals of the coachee are the basis. But the coach always works on increasing self-awareness , realistic insight into the self and acknowledging of (boundaries of) the own influencing potential. We expressly do so in correlation with the context that is relevant to the coachee. The approach is obtaining insight into the relation between mentioned context, personal characteristics and the effectiveness of the behaviour.

  • Increased self-awareness and effectiveness
  • Possibility to confer, which the organisation lacks
  • Concrete research and exploring change- and organisational themes
  • Insight into the own patterns and the possibility to change these
  • The liberty of mentioning and discussing doubt and insecurities without any repercussions

Why Avop?

What Avop can do for your organisation

AVOP pairs insight into people with organisational expertise. Psychological angles and business knowledge: it is not one or the other, but rather both, in win-win. We are also conscious of the fact that multiple truths exist. From this insight we work in an ‘eclectic’ fashion, by using different methods and procedures. Guideline is our operating from and looking for people’s possibilities.

  • Experienced coaches with a high level of seniority
  • Pragmatic, realistic, empathetic and agile
  • Expansive network, in many different sectors
  • Proficient in many aspects (work methods, theories, literature et cetera)
  • Applying different forms of expertise when necessary

Interested? Call (020) 615 54 56 or mail to info@avop.nl

How do we work?

In an initial conversation we look into the coaching issue. Coach and coachee will assess whether they will be able to collaborate; since there must be sufficient mutual trust to embark upon a process that is this personal. After that, agreements are made about the design of the process. The coachee’s urgency and question determine the frequency and length of the process.

• When there is a sudden urgency, a short term meeting can be organised.
• The content of each meeting may vary, from ‘sparring’, jointly answering a question and translating this into concrete measures , to holding up a mirror, or exploring what’s on the horizon (what do I want and what are my possibilities for the longer term).