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Social commitment

Every year, AVOP adopts a charity. As such, we have the opportunity to coalesce with our purely humane ideals. We offer charities our expertise without any remuneration, in order to help them (further).
Here are a few organisations that we have supported:

Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam (VCA) (Volunteer Centre Amsterdam)

Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam is an urban organisation that has been active for over 25 years. Most important activities are: mediating for volunteers, extending advice to volunteer organisations, and promoting working as volunteer. In addition, they offer education and counselling to VCA employees, in training and workshops, they execute projects that will create increased attention for certain target groups and they develop innovative products.
VCA’s objective is to help people from all walks of life to be socially active in a meaningful and useful manner, and as such strengthen social organisations. VCA connects people and volunteer projects, in order to help them in helping each other. VCA employs highly driven individuals with passion and conviction, with a belief in people and the importance of a well-functioning society. Please look at VCA’s website:www.vca.nu for more information and, who knows, to volunteer.

Stichting Life Goals (Foundation Life Goals)

Stichting Life Goals is the proud organiser of the Homeless World Cup 2015. In collaboration with the Salvation Army, the City of Amsterdam and sports-marketing agent SportsGen, this world championship street soccer for the homeless was organised in the summer of 2015. The tournament, which lasts for 10 days, was created in 2003 and has, since then, grown into a multicultural soccer festival with over nine hundred participants from seventy countries. The Homeless World Cup is life-changing. It offers homeless from all over the world the chance to a better existence.
More info about the Homeless World Cup: www.hwc2015.nl.

KWF KankerbestrijdingKWF Kankerbestrijding (Queen Wilhelmina Fund for the fight against cancer)

KWF Kankerbestrijding has created a special programme for entrepreneurs, enabling these KWF business-friends, to make a contribution to the fight against this terrible disease. AVOP’s contribution is allocated to a research programme of our choice. We want to show our involvement with this most important topic.
For more info: www.kwfkankerbestrijding.nl

Ons Tweede Thuis (Our Second Home)

Ons Tweede Thuis is an organisation that is of service to people with a mental, multiple or physical handicap.
For more info: www.onstweedethuis.nl

Stichting De Volksbond (Foundation The People’s League)

Stichting De Volksbond strengthens the position and direction of (former) homeless and socially vulnerable clients.
For more info:www.volksbond.nl

Resto van Harte

Resto van Harte is an independent organisation that invests in increasing the standard of livability in neighbourhoods and cities all over The Netherlands.
For more info:www.restovanharte.nl

The Stichting Ninos Peruanes

The Stichting Ninos Peruanes applies itself to offer extremely impoverished and neglected children in and around Cuzco in Peru a better life and an outlook on a better future.
For more info www.stichtingninos.com

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