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Anneke van Til, Partner


Individual assessment

Your partner in developing talent.

There is no sector that is as competitive in terms of the War on Talent as the ICT-sector. There is a significant shortage of well-trained candidates and there are many companies who are fishing in the same pond. In addition, operational processes and client requests are taxing on your daily tasks, with little time remaining for proper staffing of your (growing) organisation.
Finding and holding on to Talent requires a specific approach, that does not stop at hiring people, but also focuses on keeping your Talent on board. Only in this way, will successful growth of your business be possible. It is exactly with this that AVOP can help you: selecting the best Talent for your organisation and making sure you can keep them. We collaborate with you, while we do what we are best at, in order to enable you to do what you are best at: building a successful business.
AVOP pairs longstanding experience in binding and nurturing of Talent, with specific knowledge of the ICT-sector. Because we have an outlook on the latest trends in the world of ICT, we, together with you, will be able to find suitable answers to your questions; both in the strategic issues and in making them concrete. We always present custom-made products that are in line with your specific wishes. Service that is appropriate to your question.

Leadership scan within the ICT-sector
Recruiting and retaining Talent primarily requires solid leadership. Through our longstanding experience in leadership trajectories and pairing the latter with specific knowledge of the ICT-market, AVOP supports your managers in motivating your employees, challenge and develop them. In order to do this, AVOP has developed a leadership scan, focused on the development of your manager/management.
The programme of this scan consists of two phases, which may be expanded with a third phase.
In the initial phase, the managerial capacities and leadership predilections of the candidate are being taken stock of; through online tools, and preferably complimented by a deepening conversation with one of our consultants.

In the second phase, the capacities and competences of the manager are elaborated upon in a 1-day game with a host of feedback, evaluation- and learning moments.
The findings from phase 1 and phase 2 are brought together in a report, in order to formulate a precise and clear advice for development for the further growth of leadership.

In the third phase, the report will be the basis for further development, both at a group- and an individual level, through (E-) coaching and training. The leadership-scan may also be integrated as part of a more expansive leadership trajectory.
The right match for your organisation.

AVOP can help you to incorporate the right DNA within the company. Oftentimes, skills alone are not sufficient to establish success within a company. Through using a wide range of tools and services, we identify whether there is a match of the wishes of the company and the wishes and needs of a potential employee. From E-assessment, to a full assessment-programme with roleplays that are specifically formulated for your company and situation; we take care of a programme that will map the match in the best possible manner. Through looking at typical personality traits which are necessary in both ICT and your company, we increase the chance of a successful match and a sustainable work-relation.

Personal development within the ICT-sector
One of the main cornerstones in holding on to your Talent, is helping them develop further, and challenge them throughout. AVOP can help your people with personal development issues. Since we specifically align with participants, each development trajectory is custom-made. Think individual coaching, group-coaching or a training in specific skills, such as personal effectiveness.

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