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Stefan Heinis, Partner

Career Development

Individual development

Employees want to develop both professionally and personally. That’s why it is essential to know where their talents lie, which position is most suited to these and how they want to develop themselves. AVOP guides individual employees who are looking for another approach of their career. Career guidance result is an employee who is capable of taking charge of the future of his/her career. Offering career trajectories stimulates labour mobility, both within and outside of the organisation

Exploratory conversation?

What does it bring?

AVOP career development gives employees a new perspective. They become more conscious of their own strength and know what their points for development are. Thus, being more capable to determine their career desires and suitable possibilities. They are able to take the rein in a more swift and better way in order to land the right position, which also increases internal labour mobility.

  • Employees are more self-aware; know their strengths and points for development
  • Know what drives them in their career
  • Make conscious personal and realistic career choices
  • Take responsibility and undertake concrete actions
  • The right person will fulfil the right position
  • Increases labour mobility

Why Avop?

What Avop can do for your organisation

We opt for an approach that challenges employees to make their own decisions, based on their particular wishes and possibilities. Our career coaches facilitate the process, stimulate and challenge, but do not take over. This makes for sustainable development, which employees can also fall back on in case of future career issues, enabling them to, again, take charge.

  • Guidance by psychologists and experienced career coaches
  • Focus on own process of becoming more conscious of ambitions and competences
  • Stimulates taking charge and assuming responsibility
  • Employee and consultant jointly determine the structure of the career trajectory
  • Sustainable development of employees
  • Possibility of career assessment or e-tooling

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How do we work?

Career guidance is custom-made. That is why AVOP offers an individual programme to each participant, also within the framework of larger organisational trajectories. During the non-binding intake conversation, candidate and consultant discuss the desired career trajectory. The main points of this will be presented to the responsible people in the organisation.

  • Individually made-to-measure with every career advice
  • Non-binding intake conversation
  • Candidate and consultant jointly determine the programme (modular structure)
  • Transparent in feedback to the organisation with safeguarding the confidentiality for the participant
  • Individual as well as large scale projects