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AVOP is an HRM organisational consultancy agency, which was founded in 1971. In the past fifty years our reputation is shaped by being highly involved and effectively contributing to the development of individuals, teams and organisations. We offer an integral array of products which are relevant for the development of individuals, teams and organisations, in order to help them to reach their goals.

What we offer, has to be in line with your strategy and the values of your organisation. As an involved outsider, we have the ability to increase the awareness of your organisational values with our specific expertise and experience in creating depth, transcending power and a connecting style. We believe that this is where the basis lies for the organisation’s ability to learn how to adapt to the ever changing future. New insights, a new approach and new work methods are added by us, but we do not take over.

We work and advise from a broad, integral and sustainable vision on developing people and organisations.

Pure Humane, Pure Business.

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