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WZU Veluwe


Offers care and support to the elderly, both in their own homes, and in care centres or in nursing homes. The area for WZU Veluwe’s care is the Veluwe. WZU Veluwe is facing significant changes in and of the health care system. This urges the organisation to reflect on the current situation, seen from the future perspective, and its consequences. A broad selection of developments in different areas is applied, with the objective of making WZU Veluwe fit for the future, so they may continually offer care and support to the elderly in the Veluwe area. People development in relation to organisational development was one of the projects that WZU Veluwe initiated, rooted in the conviction that it is indeed the people who make the difference. For this project, AVOP was chosen as partner in collaboration with WZU Veluwe.


The request that WZU Veluwe made was initially meant for team leaders. To facilitate team leaders in fulfilling the new responsibilities, WZU Veluwe starts a development project. This project firstly entails the possibility of participating in an assessment and, in line with the assessments, an educational programme that is specifically created with the learning needs of the team leads in mind. The development assessments are embedded in a cohesive process which ultimately leads to bringing the team leads into position, and also to developing and executing a management development trajectory.


  • In collaboration with WZU Veluwe, the new role-content of team lead has been ‘translated’ into the new competence profile of team lead;
  • In a meeting with all team leaders, this profile was discussed and ‘owned’.

Personal development

  • Each team leader will be given the opportunity to participate in a development assessment for the position of team leader. Every team leader may additionally indicate whether he or she wants to be assessed for a different role within WZU Veluwe or, possibly, another position outside of WZU Veluwe: in line with the assessment and the assessment report, a coaching conversation takes place between team lead and the dedicated assessment consultant.
  • In this conversation, the results of the assessment are discussed further, as is the manner in which the team lead wants to draw consequences from the results given. In addition, the way in which the team lead may work on his or her points for development is discussed. As such, the conversation is an explicit preparation for the development conversation that the candidate has with his or her manager, and input for the PDP-conversation.

Organisational development

  • After finalising all assessments, AVOP will create an overall report, in which the results from all assessments are ‘elevated’ to the level of the organisation, and an insight is presented into the strengths and weaknesses of the managerial grid, in relation to the WZU Veluwe- assignment;
  • Based on the latter, it becomes clear which educational modules may be included in a collective learning trajectory for the team leads.


  • A number of team leads has decided not to opt for the role of team lead, but are envisaging a different position for themselves. A number of team leads realised that he or she were not by definition suited for the role of team lead (both in terms of capacities and affinity), but nonetheless decided to want to perform as team lead. As with all team leads, this group will also be judged on their personal performance;
  • Rearranging of teams of team leads, while taking the strengths and weaknesses of team leads into account;
  • Grip and tools for individual development of the team lead, in collaboration with his or her manager;
  • An educational trajectory that is partially based on the insights from the assessments.

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