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Yair van der Wieken

Training- and assessment actor

Yair van der Wieken has been an associate with AVOP as a professional training- and assessment actor. Yair is 38 years old and is active with AVOP as a role-player since 2007. He likes the fact that, with AVOP, the words “pure humane, pure business”, are not empty: Every candidate who participates in an assessment or training is seen in a professional and personal manner. In addition to the measuring of competences, each individual is looked upon in an involved and interested manner. As a role-player, his assignment is to provide behaviour within simulations as a platform for competences, and making these measurable. Also, the growth potential of the individual is taken into account. He also fulfils the role of 2nd assessor, together with the assessor/consultant who is responsible for the research as a whole. His approach and personal interest are fully in line with the way in which AVOP works.