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De Bijenkorf


For over 140 years, De Bijenkorf is a strong brand with four brand values; Client-focused, Inspiring, Stylish and Premium. The Bijenkorf is the department store with a passion for making each customer visit an event. The Bijenkorf always seeks to expand the offer of top- and luxurious brands. In addition, an important focus lies on the further growth and development of the web-shop.


In light of the new role of Buying, De Bijenkorf wanted to organise a fleet review. Objective was to obtain clarity about the current status of Buying and in what way the distance between ‘is and should’ may be bridged, in order for Buying to optimally fulfil her new role, and as such actively contribute to realising the strategy, a high-end department store. The outcome of the assessments serves as input for both an individual and a group development trajectory.


Defining new role Buying

An initial and essential step in the process has been put in place in order to obtain concrete clarity about the new role of Buying, and consequently create a new position- and competence profile. This profile was the yardstick for the current population of Buying. We have done this by organising two workshops with management and HRM.

Custom-made development assessment

32 participants in total have participated in the development assessment. The development assessment was required to measure exactly what is relevant for the new role of a buyer. The assessment has indeed been custom-made, in order to align seamlessly with the new position and the context of buying within De Bijenkorf.

Information meeting

In order to further inform participants about the development trajectory and the role of the development assessment in the process, an information meeting has been organised. Goal of this meeting was a proper preparation of participants and taking away potential ambiguities and deflecting possible resistance.


AVOP’s project office has invited and set timetables for participants, and the development assessments have been executed by a dedicated team of consultants. AVOP has applied a broad spectrum of tools in the development assessment, with cases/roleplays specifically created for De Bijenkorf. Based on the development assessment, a custom-made report was created of the defined competences with concrete and clear (development) advice.

Overall reporting

In an overall report, the insights of all conducted assessments have been converted into an image for the Buying group as a whole. This report can be looked upon as a management letter at an aggregated level, which may be used in equipping a shared educational trajectory for all buyers, but which also extends an insight into the strengths/weaknesses of the entire group and, as such, provides insight into the possible necessity for additional measures on organisational level.


A fleet review with a clear and concise overview of all buyers within De Bijenkorf. A ranking based on competence scores and development potential. On an individual level, a clear report with concrete statements about competences and development advice in terms of the buyer’s current status in relation to the new profile. In addition, an overall report, which has served as input for the further shaping of the development of buyers at group level. Since certain competences were less developed than others at a group level. The HRM department has used this report to truly shape the development trajectory.

Subsequently, AVOP has been requested to map the qualities and development potential of the whole sales-management organisation, which involved a total of 72 development assessments, and here too, we have taken care of an overall report.

Ramon de Kok

HR Director

“AVOP’s approach is directed towards coming to the best knowledge of both the context of the issue, and the perspective of the respondents. As such, they have been able to come at close range of the daily operation and ask the right questions, or create situations that “De Bijenkorf” wanted to gain more insight into. The subsequent steps that could be taken, have led to steps in the development of individuals and the team in the direction that we envisaged."

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