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Dentons Boekel


Dentons Boekel is a midsize law- and solicitors’ firm that is based in the Amsterdam Zuidas and London City. The company is characterized by short lines of communication, a high degree of specialisation and a high standard in legal services. Dentons Boekel is big enough to operate internationally, and simultaneously small enough to be flexible and agile. They are indeed an ambitious organisation with an open and informal work atmosphere. Their approach is personal and they deliver work that makes clients want to come back.


In what way can Dentons Boekel further optimise her current selection procedure for legal interns, both in terms of quality and (cost) efficiency.


We suggested working with a made-to-measure online selection-assessment with an automatically generated report. These reports can be interpreted by the professional Dentons Boekel recruiters, once they have been trained to do so. 

Not only does this cut costs, but it also enables Dentons Boekel to be even swifter and more flexible in the selection procedures for rare talent. The automatically generated reports are clear and user-friendly. In addition, we have given the reports the look and feel of Dentons Boekel.
In order to develop the custom-made online program, we initially have identified the relevant competences in a collaborative workshop with Dentons Boekel, and subsequently operationalised these into concrete behavioural indicators.
Since commercial drive, one of the important competences, was hard to measure in the former structure of the procedure, we have developed two made-to-measure cases/roleplays, which are currently standard elements of the selection procedure. We have also given additional training to the selecting personnel in question, in interpreting these cases.


An optimised selection procedure, using the made-to-measure cases that focus on establishing clarity for the most relevant competences and an online selection-assessment (consisting of capacity-tests, personality and drivers) with a custom-made report in which the scores for the specific Dentons Boekel competences are indicated in relation to the determined ideal profile.

Lieneke Scheele

HR Manager Boekel

"The e-assessment that has been developed in collaboration with AVOP has highly optimised our selection procedure for legal apprentices. This custom-made e-assessment tool is integrated in our selection procedure, in which we incorporate our specifically developed cases."

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